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Don’t Overwhelm Yourself for Therapeutic Thursday

Today’s message for Therapeutic Thursday is for both Survivors and Caregivers and anyone else following along our Aortic Hope page.

This advice is perfect. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Period.

I’ve been working very hard at being in the present moment. Finding joy in simple things. Letting go of what I cannot control.

If something annoys or angers me, I ask myself “What is this trying to teach me!?”

Looking at events or situations or people that challenge or test you with the idea that their actions or behaviours are a reflection of them and not you, truly is a game-changer!

Survivors - for today try to focus on the advice in the quote. Put your hand to your heart and remind yourself you are still here. Be grateful to have air filling your lungs and a powerful heart pushing blood through that battered aorta of yours!

- Jessica McCracken

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