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Our Programs

Aortic Hope strives to Spread Hope, Create Awareness and Provide Support in a variety of ways.  


Donations are used for the programs listed below and so much more!


If you are interested in becoming a Hope Ambassador, assisting with the Tableside Information Card Program or if you are a Physician and would like information to distribute to your patients, please click the button "Learn More" below.  


In collaboration with Mended Hearts, Aortic Hope aims to refer community members to The Mended Hearts, with the goal being to receive training and become accredited to provide other community members support while recovering from and living with aortic disease. This includes survivors and caregivers.  


Interested participants when applicable, will either be connected immediately to another survivor or caregiver or offered an opportunity to become a member of Mended Hearts where they may learn how to provide one-on-one support via telephone or in-person (hospital/clinic setting).



❤️ Aortic Hope's goal is to be seen as the post-diagnosis/patient advocacy group to turn to for support. By providing virtual support groups, we are by no means inferring we are therapists or doctors. We are only providing the means in which individuals from around the world can connect "face-to-face” in a safe, secure environment without leaving their homes.


You can sign up here. If you are a caregiver and would like to participate in a caregivers only support group, click here.


To participate in our bereavement support group, click here.




Q&A events are live interviews involving physicians, surgeons, mental health therapists, and more.  Individuals are able to interact by listening to topics pertaining to Aortic Disease and ways to manage it.  Community members are able to ask questions in real time or submit them for follow-up later.



❤️ If you would like to have Aortic Hope send Tableside Information Cards to your doctor’s office, please Sign-Up here or click the button below. If you are hosting a fundraiser or participating in a speaking engagement and would like marketing materials, please click the Sign-Up button. 

If you are a Physician or work in the medical community and would like to provide our Tableside Information Cards in your office, please complete the form by signing up today and a member of Aortic Hope will be in touch. Everything we create and send to you is provided by donations. Please consider making a donation which will help this initiative continue. Donate button is above.



❤️ The easiest way to help others find Aortic Hope and begin receiving support is by liking and sharing our content. This includes our YouTube channel, Facebook posts and events Instagram, etc. 


While currently we do NOT have any open designated positions, anyone can become a Hope Ambassador for Aortic Hope. There are many ways that you can help Aortic Hope help others today. If you are interested in fundraising, social media, speaking engagements etc, please complete this form and one of our team members will be in contact.


Sign up here or click the button below.



⭐ Be the shining star in someone's life by submitting your story of survival or caring for someone with Aortic disease.


❤️ We really want to know about the symptoms that were experienced and the process of diagnosis. We will be sharing your video with Think Aorta US and use it as a tool to show Emergency Room Physicians and First Responders why it is so important to Think about the Aorta. Blogs will be shared on our Facebook page and website.


❤️ If you would be interested in sharing your story, Sign Up here or click the button below, and a member of Aortic Hope will respond.


The Aortic Hope: Survivor Video and Blog Series form allows Aortic Hope to collect basic information from Survivor Series participants. This information will not be shared with anyone except the Aortic Hope administrative members. Videos and Blogs submitted to Aortic Hope are used solely for the purpose of sharing with others; no monetary payment will be made.


"Look what I received in the mail today. It was a nice surprise. Thank you"

~Faith (Survivor)


"Thank you Aortic Hope for the sweet mail today! The "stress" heart will come in very handy for the nervousness of blood draws, scans, & just the pure craziness of daily life! Blessings!"

~Kisty (Survivor)

We have over 200 Survivors/Caregivers receiving a small carepackage from Aortic Hope as a way to acknowledge their Aortaversary and to say THANK YOU for your support.

Hope Mail is FREE! After you sign up, you will receive, once a year, a small token of our appreciation during the month of your Aortaversary (anniversary date of your OHS, repair for Dissection/ Aneurysm, or even date of diagnosis but you can only pick one date!)


***Each year new items are sent to survivors

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