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Board of Directors:

Carin Andersen
Bill Barnhart
Terri Cook
Maryanne Leister
Deb Joly-Warcholik
Tammy Warner

Our Team

Our Story

Our Mission

  • Carin Andersen - President/Co-Founder/Director of PR & AHTV Co-Host

  • Bill Barnhart - Director of Community Relations & Marfan Liaison

  • Terri Cook - Director of Fundraising

  • Maryanne Leister - Treasurer

  • Deb Joly-Warcholik - Director of Volunteer Services 

  • Jeni Shaffer - Director of Administrative Servics

  • Tammy Warner - Secretary/Director of Community Relations

*Non-Board Members (Directors):

  • Adham Ahmed - Retail Operations

  • Charlotte Fee - Director of Support Services (Caregivers)

  • Katherine Langer - Director of Support Services (Bereavement)

  • Tim O'Reilly - Director of Support Services 

  • Ryan Rodarmer - Director of Genetic Education

  • Robb & Mindy Seltzer - Culinary Nutrition Educators

  • Melissa Yee - Director of Support Services

*Non-Board Members (Administrators):​

  • Shaun Nicole - Social Media

  • Molly Thomas - Social Media

Connecting Beat at a Time.

It was the spring of 2016 when two aortic disease survivors discussed the possibilities of hosting a celebratory event in honor of the upcoming Global Aortic Dissection Awareness Day. Together, they talked about their hopes and dreams, cried over their shared struggles, and laughed in anticipation over the prospects of  meeting in person.  Once the two met, they quickly realized the need for an organization to be created that would focus on all aspects of Aortic Disease.


Having connected with a Caregiver of Marfan Syndrome patients, the three recognized that in order for this group to truly come to fruition, having a Caregiver would be an intricate piece of the puzzle.

In bringing different experiences and perspectives to the group, Aortic Hope was formed. The group is now a globally recognized non-profit organization whose focus is to Spread Hope, Create Awareness and Provide Support during the recovery and management of Aortic Disease.

Aortic Hope added  additional key individuals that all have experienced Aortic Disease.


Together, they work tirelessly in managing their own Aortic Disease, personal lives as well as organizing fundraisers, online support groups, providing daily inspiration and wisdom, hope mail care packages, and MUCH, MUCH more.

In 2020 Aortic Hope fully endorsed the organization Think Aorta US (TAUS).  TAUS focuses on educating the public and healthcare providers about the reality of aortic disease.  The secondary focus is to utilize aortic disease survivors to teach others to advocate for themselves by sharing their medical history. Aortic Disease; it's more common than you think.


This is only the beginning...


Aortic Hope strives to Connect Hearts....One Beat At A Time.  Your donations are graciously appreciated, which helps make our initiatives become your reality...

Aortic Hope (501c3 Charity) serves a community of patients, survivors, and caregivers living with an aortic disease. 


The organization's goals are to Spread Hope, Create Awareness, and Provide Support during the recovery and management of aortic disease.

Spread Hope

Spreading hope is the cornerstone of what Aortic Hope is about. We spread hope online by providing:

  • Inspirational stories posted by community members

  • Hope Mail Care Packages sent to community members

  • Saturday Survivor Video and Blog Series

Create Awareness

Aortic Hope wants to help educate the public. To achieve this goal we:

  • Actively participate as a working group member of Think Aorta US

  • Participate in radio shows (Sirius XM), podcasts, Television Programs (The Donna Drake Show), Rotary Clubs, local fundraising, speaking at symposiums and educational events such as the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health Community Symposium and Rock From The Heart

  • Offer items on our Hope Shops to spread awareness

Provide Support

Our Programs

Navigating the recovery and management of aortic disease is often confusing and overwhelming.  Aortic Hope provides support for aortic disease patients, survivors, and caregivers by:

  • Hosting Live Q&A sessions on our Facebook page with professionals associated with Aortic Health

  • Featuring Ask A Dr. and allowing community members to have questions answered in real time by a Cardiologist

  • Offering weekly online support group and include guest speakers

  • Presenting Tableside Information Cards

  • Collaborating with The Mended Hearts and promoting their accreditation program so community members can become mentors

Aortic Hope strives to Spread Hope, Create Awareness and Provide Support in a variety of ways.  


Donations are used for the programs listed below and so much more!


If you are interested in becoming a Hope Ambassador, assisting with the Tableside Information Card Program or if you are a Physician and would like information to distribute to your patients, please click the "Learn More" link below.  


In collaboration with Mended Hearts, Aortic Hope aims to refer community members to The Mended Hearts , with the goal being to receive training and become accredited to provide other community members support while recovering from and living with aortic disease. This includes survivors and caregivers.  


Interested participants when applicable, will either be connected immediately to another survivor or caregiver or offered an opportunity to become a member of Mended Hearts where they may learn how to provide one-on-one support via telephone or in-person (hospital/clinic setting). Learn more.

Get Involved

Would you like to be involved with Aortic Hope by Spreading Hope, Creating Awareness or Providing Support? Maybe you would be interested in receiving some Hope in the mail?  Please take a look at some options below, we would love to hear from you!

Annual Report


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