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Build Resilience on Therapeutic Thursday

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Today for Therapeutic Thursday, let’s talk about Resilience!

'As a Survivor of a Type A Aortic Dissection, I’ve had a lot of conversations with people who cannot get over my story of living through one of the worst possible nightmares ever.

But here I am and I’m proud to talk about all that I’ve been through over the past through years.

I love that this photo gives you action steps to get a bit more resilient. For me, Purpose and Tenacity are things that I try to focus on every day.

Purpose - Finding a purpose when you’ve lost a career and your independence to do the things you could once so easily do was big for me, so I needed to find a purpose to look toward. For me, my purpose has become sharing my story to educate others about Aortic Health, but especially talking about Mental Health and how it’s okay to not be okay. That being said, it’s okay to be sad and down once in awhile, just don’t stay stuck there. I like to share my struggles, challenges and triumphs so that others who may be in a similar position knows that they are not alone.

Tenancity - to me, this is a daily thing that happens. I need to be constantly bouncing back from things not going as planned. I have a hopeful and optimistic attitude most days and remind myself there is always tomorrow if today didn’t happen how I wanted.

How are YOU feeling about Resilience!? Have you got a handle on it or do you need more info and tips on Resilience?!

I hope that you can take some time to read these pictures, give yourself a pat on the back and think about how resilient you really are!"

- Jessica McCracken

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