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It's Think Aorta Thursday!

Today is Think Aorta Thursday at Aortic Hope!

🩺 Dr. Benjamin Youdelman, a Founder of Aortic Bridge and board member of the non-profit Think Aorta US, does a brilliant job of summarizing what Think Aorta US does but more importantly, the patient base it represents.

📰 This article was originally written in 2020 just before the pandemic started however, rings very true still today.

🤔 Takeaway that the idea behind Think Aorta, Think Family represents many things.

☝️ First and most important, know your family history, share your story with family because there is a genetic component even if it hasn't been found or named.

✌️ Remember the idea behind unexplained sudden death in general in your family history.

♥️ We will show you ways to start a conversation with your GP and if necessary, a pediatrician.

Think Aorta, Think Family. It's more common than you think!

Knowledge is power!

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