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It's Motivation Monday and Invisible Disabilities Week!

Today is Motivation Monday and Invisible Disabilities Week at Aortic Hope.

👉According to Psychology Today, in the article "The Challenges of Living With an Invisible Illness" written by, Angie Collins-Burke, RN and Suzanne Cronkwright, an Invisible Illness is defined as: "a medical and/or psychological condition that isn’t obvious to others. Aside from the challenges of facing each day, one of the most difficult and often hurtful consequences is the lack of understanding from others. Those with invisible disabilities are frequently faced with comments, judgments, and rude questions. Some people may perceive us as lazy. The reality is that we are trying to deal with a condition(s) that leaves us feeling drained, mentally and physically."

😞How many of you have been confronted with the comment "But you don't look sick". It can be unnerving to have a physical condition that no can see because it may lead to unacceptable judgements from others. Comments like "How come you can't go out today but you did yesterday" can lead us to thinking that we have done something wrong or worse yet, we may doubt our exhaustion and push ourselves too far.

To read more about this and to learn some coping strategies, click here.

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