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It's Medication Monday.

Today is Medication Monday at Aortic Hope.

❤️ Some community members take medication to help keep their blood pressure and heart rate at a target number. However there are times when we may need to take additional medication for things like a headache or cold.

❓ Did you know that many of the OTC and some prescription medications can impact our blood pressure/heart rate and cause then to rise?

In GoodRX Health, Christina Aungst, PharmD writes in the article "10 Medications and Other Supplements That Can Cause High Blood Pressure" that there are "... Medications, supplements and substances that can further elevate your blood pressure'.

To review the various products in detail, click the following link.

*Remember, DO NOT stop talking medications that have been prescribed by your physicians and also DO NOT take any medications/supplements without talking to your physician first. This article is too be used as a tool in creating a conversation between you and your medical team.

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