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Where Are They Now featuring Diane Bishop from Aortic Health of Alabama Saturday, June 12th 4pm EST

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Come watch Gregg Aaron Greenberg interview community member, fellow Hope Ambassador and founder of Aortic Health of Alabama, Diane Bishop for our Where Are They Now series on AHTV our Aortic Hope YouTube channel on Saturday, June 12th at 4pm EST.

Diane will discuss briefly her experience with Aortic Disease and share with the community where she is now in the recovery process . A process that includes her very must recent surgery for an aneurysm repair and new valve. Diane will also share what her group Aortic Health of Alabama is all about.

Where Are They Now is a series that follow-up on individuals who have participated in our Survivor Series. The goal of WATN is to provide a real time look into the lives of survivors and caregivers and see what life is like now, post aortic event. Stories will include the ups and downs of live post-event.

If you have participated in our Survivor Series and would be interested in being featured in our Where Are They Now series, please complete the following form.

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