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Welcome Thomas Nowetner

🎉We are happy to announce the addition of Thomas Nowetner to the Aortic Hope Team.

👉Tom is a survivor of more than just one dissection and you will learn more over time. He has mastered the art of interjecting humor into his story telling and now, is publicaly spreading his story and awareness. He will be focusing his time as our Community Liaison.

"Hi, I am Tom Nowetner from the southern tier of New York, about 10 miles from the Pennsylvania border. The only city near to me is Binghamton, New York.

I am 73, now and in 2012, I had my Aortic Dissection. Had a few more since then.

I live in a medical desert. So for the first 4 years I lived in a recliner and did not pick up anything that weighed more than a gallon of milk. I was depressed and was about ready to check out. So, my wife hunted for someone who could help me.

She found Doctor Maria Bertini for a general practitioner. Good researcher and not afraid to go the road less traveled.

Also, Doctor Manish Mehta, President of the Vascular Society. Albany, New York. The man with the plan. Not a good plan (his words). However a plan he had.

So over the next 4 years I had one stent after another put in for a grand total of nine stents.

Now I am almost twelve years into this wonderful world where I was told no one survived this disease, and it is a disease. The last eight of those years surviving the unsurvivable. Leaving my recliner and being stented from stem to stern.

I always had a get it done attitude.

So now was my turn to rebuild my life.

I started small, did more and more.

It was a painfully slow pace, however over time, I am doing more and more.

Small building projects, lawn care, garden. Things around the house.

In the last two years I have been asked to tell my story. I have, about 20 times. Unfortunately, my stamina is not what it used to be. Also, after 3pm in the afternoon I can be found napping.

Still, something was missing. I started to hate having everyone ask me how I was feeling. Like that is the only thing that matters. Hey guy, I just build a 52 foot long rock wall, how about asking about that?

Well, 4 weeks ago I found Aortic Hope Hang-Outs. These people are just people. We talk about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

They could care less about AORTIC conversations. They are real. Funny and sad. Hiking and cooking. Talking about dogs and cats. Funny happenings.

Once again, this came into my life in the nick of time.

I will fill you in on my latest project, The Road Back from Aortic Dissection 60/40. IT IS ON YOU.


They call me EAZY (nickname)"

❤️Please welcome Tom.

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