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Now Hear This...

Now hear this...

Diets that lower blood pressure are often discussed within the community.

In the article The DASH Diet in US News & World Report, we are reminding that

"The first multicenter trial, published in the New England journal of Medicine in 1997, demonstrated the positive impact a healthy diet can have on people's blood pressure. The study evaluated the effect of the diet on hypertension in 459 adults and found that those who ate more fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products and reduced their saturated and total fat consumption achieved significantly lower blood pressures compared to those who followed the average diet in the US."

The DASH diet "which stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension", is often shared by cardiologists because it "is a flexible, balanced and heart-healthy eating plan promoted by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to do exactly that: to stop (or prevent) hypertension"

To learn more, check out the article here.

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