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It's Wisdom Wednesday!

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Today is Wisdom Wednesday at Aortic Hope!

Aortic Hope has put together a list of pre and post surgical suggestions pertaining to open heart surgery. Take a look below and add your ideas in the comment section!

1. It is strongly suggested to have a loved one or friend with you during your consultation or pre-op appointment.

-Having another “set of ears” during such a scare and emotional time will help retain answers to many of your questions.

-Another person who cares about you being present during your appointment might also have additional questions or concerns that should be addressed.

2. Make a list of questions and topics to discuss with your physician during your pre-op appointment and things to ask your surgeon. Here are some suggestions:

-How many hours do they think the surgery will last?

-How long do they think you will be in the hospital?

-What, exactly, is the procedure. (ex: repairing tissue? replacing a valve, what kind? what are the risks and benefits to each option? etc.)

-What can you expect when you wake up? (ex: breathing tube, chest tubes, wires, IVs, catheter, etc.)

-Pain management (have a plan)

-Can a loved one spend the night?

3. If you are someone who tends to become anxious, discuss this with your provider and ask your doctor to prescribe something before and after your surgery, if possible. Having a medication to “take the edge off” might make the whole event easier to tolerate.

4. See if they allow a family member to stay with you in the hospital.

5. Suggestions of things to pack:

-Pack sweats/shorts and pajamas like a Silk pajama, we know that's a luxury, but honestly they can be practical. They are soft on your skin.

-Treaded slippers (they are nicer than the rubber socks the hospital gives you)

-Women - don’t bother with a bra, it can be uncomfortable plus with OHS, you might wake up in one the hospital provides you which can be helpful after surgery


To view a complete list, please click here.

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