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It's Therapeutic Thursday

Today is Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope.

Have you ever wondered Why Friendships Are So Important for Health and Well-Bring? Well, today we are discussing an article with that very title written by Moira Lawler and she explains the 9 ways friends are more than just about having a good time together.

"So, what does the science say about why strong social ties are good for health and well-being? Here’s what we know" says Lawler:

1. Friendships Promote a Sense of Belonging (People need people)

2. Friends Can Help Boost Self-Esteem

3. Strong Social Connections Help Offset Stressors in Your Life

4. Friendships May Help Protect Cognitive Health

5. Friends Help Us Cope With Grief of All Kinds

6. Friends Can Encourage Healthy Behaviors

7. Staying Socially Connected to Others May Lower the Risk of Long-Term Health Problems

8. Strong Relationships May Help Us Live Longer

9. Healthy Friendships Tend to Make Us Happier

Click here to read the entire article.

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