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Gregg Aaron Greenberg

Gregg was 46 years old at the time of his passing which was non-aortic related. Gregg was the father to Kylen, fiancé to Kat and an aortic dissection survivor which resulted in a 98 day stay in the hospital.

Gregg was one of the original board members of Aortic Hope. His passion to help spread hope, create awareness and provide support flowed through him. He believed so much in Aortic Hope’s desire to make sure that survivors and caregivers never felt alone or scared when dealing with aortic disease. He made himself available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone that needed help. Gregg had an incredible ability to listen to every story and despite internalizing many of them and feeling everyone’s emotions, he was able to compartmentalize his thoughts, validate others and empathize.

His love for everyone he met was honest and authentic. He truly cared about everyone he encountered. He was the walking definition of everything Aortic Hope works so hard to achieve. He helped Aortic Hope be the organization that was created “By the Community, For the Community”.

He would want to leave you with a few thoughts:

1. You can do this…it just takes time. 2. Breathe before you go to your scan. Remember the results have already been determined, you just don’t them yet. 3. You will eventually figure out your “new norm”. We hate that terminology, but it is true. Who knows what your 2.0 version can be, just know it can be amazing. 4. Don’t drink energy drinks. 5. Participate in the forums but take whatever is told to you directly to your own physician. They will always know best. Advocate for yourself. 6. Think Aorta and Think Family….share your medical history with family and physicians. 7. Be kind to each other.

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Velda MacKenzie
Velda MacKenzie
Dec 16, 2023

Gregg was my lifeline...always there for me and helped me get through everyday...I miss him and think of him always. ❤️💔


Kathrine Langer
Kathrine Langer
Feb 19, 2022



Love that we can honor Gregg this way. He was an amazing person and learned so much from him, in the short time that I knew him. He is truly missed.

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