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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

We have some very exciting news!!!!

2021 has us focused on reaching as many survivors and caregivers as possible, which means increasing our presence on and off of Facebook and Instagram.

AHTV will bring you many of the same pieces of information you see here and


We will have weekly recaps of important information we have shared on Facebook, Live Q&A events, Survivor Stories, our new Where Are They Now YouTube Series which will focus on where prior featured survivors are in their recovery and management of aortic disease and life in general, Thursday Night Girl's Night, and other exciting events!

Check out our first Weekly Recap from January...."Like" and "Subscribe" to the channel and leave us a comment below the video. We will pick a random winner who will win a $30 Gift Certificate to our store:!!!

Watch AHTV where Aortic Hope "Connects Hearts One Beat At A Time" on "TV"!!!

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