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Aortic Hope's Week in Review with Carin Andersen Monday June 26th 3pm EST

Join Aortic Hope LIVE on our YouTube channel every Monday at 3pm EST.

🎉Since June 25th is Carin's Birthday, she will be doing a giveaway!!! Join us to be entered to win a prize (or 2) from Aortic Hope.

Carin Andersen from Aortic Hope will be reviewing our weekly educational and informative posts and offering you an opportunity to interact with us LIVE via the comments.

Share with us and the community, your thoughts about topics ranging from the Aorta in general, aneurysms, dissections, medication, mental health, PTSD, and so much more!

We want to hear from YOU! Please click LIKE and the notification bell so you are made aware of each time we are LIVE. Don't forget to SHARE and leave us a comment, even if you just say HI we would love to give you a shout-out!

Help others find out about Aortic Hope so they can start receiving information, education and support.

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