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Trivia Answers

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming back today for answers to yesterday's trivia challenge -


  1. Which aortic root surgery (Bentall or David) allows you to preserve your native aortic valve without replacing it?

  2. During aortic root surgery, two vessels are removed from your root as "buttons" and later re-implanted in the synthetic graft. What was the name of those vessels?

  3. What was the full name of the surgeon that the David procedure is named after?

  4. Which aortic root surgery is used to treat patients with both aortic root disease AND concurrent aortic valve disease?

  5. How many leaflets does a "normal" aortic valve have?

  6. When an aortic valve has two leaflets, what is it called?

  7. What is it called when your aortic valve is too "tight"?

  8. What is it called when your aortic valve is too "leaky"?

  9. True or false - Younger patients are more likely to have aortic valve disease.

  10. True or false - Only around 1 million Americans have heart valve disease currently.


  1. David procedure (also known as Valve Sparing Root Replacement)

  2. Coronary vessels

  3. Tirone E. David

  4. Bentall procedure

  5. Three (tri-leaflet)

  6. Bicuspid aortic valve

  7. Aortic stenosis

  8. Aortic insufficiency (regurgitation)

  9. False! (Older patients)

  10. False! (>11 million patients)

How many did you get right? Comment your score down below!

Thanks for tuning in again family, and see you next week for another blog post! #ThinkAorta.



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