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Trauma in the ER on Therapeutic Thursday

Today for Therapeutic Thursday we are going to talk about trauma and heading back to the hospital or emergency room after an aortic event or any trauma in the hospital.

For me, this is a really touchy subject. My blood pressure gets amped right up and it is through the roof when I even step foot near a doctor's office, Hospital or ER. Bloodwork - no thank you! I can survive Open Heart Surgery (OHS), but take me to the lab and I want to pass out!! EEK! I survived the healing and after effects of OHS with only Extra Strength Tylenol as my pain meds, so I'm pretty sure I can survive anything!

Here is a great article to help you with some strategies to battle through this stress.

Take care of yourself. Be gentle. Ask for help. Reach out to others who offer help and take it!

Take good care of yourself!

-Jessica McCracken

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