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Today is Therapeutic Thursday!

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Today is Therapeutic Thursday and National Check Your Blood Pressure Day!

"How's your blood pressure? Do you have any idea? The high stress holidays are quickly approaching. So, why not use Check Your Blood Pressure Day to find out what your blood pressure is today!! The stress of the holiday season may cause it go higher as it rapidly approaches.

For most of us, checking our blood pressure is easy and free If you already have a home monitor, just slap on the cuff and take a reading. However, make sure you are putting the cuff on in the right place, and that it is the right size. Also, you should position your arm correctly. If you don't have a cuff, you can go to the doctors to have it checked. Drug stores and many grocery chains have kiosks located near the prescription area, where you can check it for free. Many ambulance companies, especially the volunteers, will accept walk ins. (.Ps If it is a volunteer ambulance company, why not make a donation while you're there?"

***Here is a great article from Harvard Health Publishing titled Tips To Measure Your Blood Pressure Correctly.

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