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Today is Medical Monday!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Today is Medical Monday at Aortic Hope.

❤A normal Aortic Valve has 3 leaflets and that is called a Tricuspid Valve. Did you know that there are individuals who only have one leaflet (Unicuspid) ,two leaflets (Bicuspid) and even four leaflets (quadricuspid) Valves?

👉Today we will be discussing Bicuspid Valves. As mentioned in the Mayo Clinic's article on Bicuspid Valves, a "Bicuspid Valve is a type of heart disease that you are born with (congenital heart disease). Usually the aortic valve has three cusps. A bicuspid valve has only two cusps. Rarely, some people are born with an aortic valve that has one cusp (unicuspid) or four cusps (quadricuspid).

❣ Changes to the aortic valve can cause health problems, including:

~Narrowing of the aortic valve, called aortic valve stenosis. The valve may not open fully. Blood flow from the heart to the body is reduced or blocked.

~Backward flow of blood, called aortic valve regurgitation. Sometimes, the bicuspid aortic valve doesn't close tightly. This causes blood to flow backward.

~Enlarged aorta, called aortopathy. An enlarged aorta increases the risk of a tear in the lining of the aorta. This tear is called an aortic dissection."

❣ If you would like to learn more about treatment options, check out the information here.

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