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The Donna Drake Show!

We are so excited to share with you the segment that aired on The Donna Drake Show TV featuring Co-Founder/Survivor, Carin Andersen and Think Aorta US board member/ supporter of Aortic Hope and cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Youdelman.

Click HERE to watch.

The Donna Drake Show: Live it Up! is a weekly, one hour television and digital series featuring interviews with celebrity entertainers, sports legends, top journalists, business moguls, authors, motivational speakers, medical professionals, health and wellness experts, beauty and fashion icons, chefs, non-profit groups and everyday heroes sharing their stories of triumph, inspiration and perseverance. Airing across the US and in 25 countries, The Donna Drake Show focuses on topics of hope, motivation and resilience through empowering conversations.

The Donna Drake Show airs weekly in New York on CBS's WLNY (7.3 million TV Homes) Saturday at 6:00 am

The Donna Drake Show is also available on Dish and DIRECTv.

Hosted and created by Donna Drake, an international award-winning creative artist, writer, producer, actor and influencer, The Donna Drake Show is now in its 12th year, The Donna Drake Show has featured over 7,500 interviews in its 600+ episodes.

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