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Survivor Story of Mimi Fisher

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Hi 👋, This is Mimi (living in Israel since I'm 19), born in N.Y.-now 66 .. so, 2 days after my latest birthday, my husband and I went up to the dining room on the kibbutz to have lunch, as usual... when I was standing with a tray of food, I could not breathe!

I stood there collecting myself and about 30 seconds later my breath somehow came back to me! I didn't tell anyone about the incident, and sat down as usual with my husband and friends to eat lunch.

It was my turn to get up and get coffee for whoever wanted, which I did... and never came back... because there at the coffee stand I could not breathe for a second but longer time!! My luck- I stood right near the nurse and-- that's what saved me! Nobody even knew about it, because the nurse realized what was happening, and brought me directly outside to her club car.

She called the ambulance right away. I  fainted and I was out. The ambulance came and headed directly to Ashkelon- where they took photos of my chest and realized right away what was going on..! 😳

The ambulance then reversed and made its way to Beer Sheva. On the way I had a mild brain 🧠 aneurysm...  My husband and ex were already both in their cars and on their way, including all the children who were in the country... It took 7 hrs. of continuous operating time for me to come out of the operating room for my: AORTIC DISSECTION..! It is still unclear but miracle #2 was a CVA (cerebral vascular accident) perhaps because of the time it took getting to the proper hospital.

My husband and my ex were both waiting along with the kids and friends in the country. It was towards night time and after all that time 5-6 surgeons finally wheeled me out into the main (and secluded) area where I finally awoke and mended .. and in a few days was ready to go home.

I've had the best operation and treatments anyone can imagine and am forever grateful! 🙏

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