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It's Volunteer Recognition Day!

Today is Volunteer Recognition Day at Aortic Hope!

❓Did you know that Volunteer Recognition Day honors the many volunteers who dedicate their time to helping causes, organizations and others in the community.

👉No matter how much time someone gives, it always makes a difference. Volunteers in a way, help save lives. They also help to improve lives and provide comfort. They do this in many ways including assisting people, animals, and nature.

😊Most volunteers do not ask for recognition. They just want to help and to "give back".

♥️THANK YOU to our board members (volunteers), Directors who make our forums and support groups possible (volunteers), Hope Ambassadors (volunteers) who help spread information about Aortic Hope and Aortic disease, and physicians, therapists, business owners and more who give of themselves to help educate our community.

♥️We would also like to thank everyone who volunteers their time moderating the many Facebook pages dedicated to the Aortic community.

♥️Finally, THANK YOU to the incredible volunteers who help to operate the other non-profit organizations by working tirelessly to provide additional support and education within this community.

♥️ Most, if not all, of the volunteers mentioned dedicate their time while also being a caregiver or active patient.


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