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It’s Topic Tuesday !

Welcome back and thank you so much for joining us again this week. I wanted to take this week to quickly let you know of some amazing upcoming things the team at Aortic Hope have in store for you.

As you know - “Aortic Dissection: the Patient Guide” is officially out and available for PDF download FREE of charge. A lot of incredible people put over ten months of work to create this easily digestible resource.

It is important for us that EVERYONE has access to this book, so please be sure to share the link with EVERYONE! That includes family, friends AND your local doctors.

Let them know that we will also be offering bulk hard copy orders for the book starting Tuesday, September 5th, 10am EST.

When sharing online, please use the hashtags #ByPatientsForPatients

#AorticDissectionThePatientGuide and #AortaEd to increase engagement. Please also tag and show some love to our amazing sponsors - Edwards Lifesciences and Run for Aortic Health.

Also in honor of Aortic Disease Awareness Day on September 19, we are spending September sharing DAILY posts and information about aortic health.

Be on the look out as we review everything from Aorta 101 to the different type of surgeons that can help treat aortic dissections. Be sure to have that book on standby because we will be referring back to it A LOT.

AIso, we will be running surveys and contests!

Lots of exciting stuff and we cannot wait to experience it all with you. I just wanted to close by taking a quick moment to say Thank You.

Thank you for being with us and helping spread our message.

Thank you for sharing your story with us and being resilient in helping spread support and love to anyone who has ever experienced aortic disease.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about aortic disease and helping others learn as well.

As one of my favorite teachers in medical school once said - Thank you for “building as you climb”.

Our community has grown so much over the past several months and we feel so blessed to share these successes together.

Have a wonderful week. Do something nice for yourself and for another person. If you got up today, you have already won :)

Until next time friends, remember to always Think Aorta. See you next soon


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