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It's Topic Tuesday!

Today is Topic Tuesday at Aortic Hope

Have you ever wondered what types of doctors may be part of the team managing your care? What exactly do these doctors treat? What about other types or specialist or doctors?

❤️ Cardiologist: treats chest pain, high blood pressure and heart failure, as well as problems with your heart valves, blood vessels and other heart and vascular issues. They can also perform a TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram)

❤️ Cardiothoracic Surgeon: specializes in operating on the heart and lungs and other thoracic (chest) organs.

❤️ Genetic Counselor: assesses a patient's risk for a variety of inherited conditions.

❤️ Internist/General Practitioner/Primary Care: doctor who helps you manage all aspects of your health. They can usually help coordinate your care with specialists.

❤️ LCSW, LCSW-C: Licensed Certified Social Worker (Clinical): will assess and treat a variety of mental health disorders including generalized anxiety, medical trauma and PTSD

❤️ Nephrologist: diagnoses and treats kidney conditions and kidney failure.

❤️ Neurologist: treats diseases of the brain and spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. Conditions may include stroke, TIA and complex migraines.

❤️ Opthalmologist: treats a variety of eye conditions such as retinal detachments, glaucoma and cataracts.

❤️ Phlebotomist: draws your blood to check kidney function before a CT scan or INR (international normalized ratio) to check blood clot timing if you are on a blood thinner.

❤️ Radiologist: performs CT, MRI/MRA

❤️ Sonographer: performs an echocardiogram test

❤️Vascular Surgeon: specializes in blood vessels and veins that are not associated with the heart. However, they do specialize in surgeries related to aortic aneurysms and aortic dissections.

Are there other doctors/specialist that you have on your team?

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