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It's Topic Tuesday!

Today is Topic Tuesday at Aortic Hope.

🤭Let's talk about SEX and intimacy after an Acute Aortic Dissection.

🥰Survivors and caregivers are often quite concerned about resuming any sexual activity post Aortic Dissection and that is perfectly normal.

👉IRAD (the International Registry of Aortic Dissection) mentions in their article about Relationships and Living with an Aortic Dissection that:

"It is normal for both partners to be worried about resuming sexual activ­ity after aortic dissection. Most people worry about sexual intercourse be­cause they are afraid it may cause discomfort and/or strain on the heart. The exertion needed to perform sexual intercourse is similar to climbing stairs or walking around the block at a brisk pace. If these activities are not difficult for you, you may resume sexual activities whenever you feel ready with the approval of your doctor."

Any "type of sex that may cause extreme increases in blood pressure" should be avoided.

❤️Here are some tips and general guidelines that your physician may share with you:

"-For the first eight weeks, after approval from your aortic specialist, avoid positions that cause pressure on your breastbone or tension in your arms and chest.

-Pick a time when you are content, relaxed, and happy.

-Wait two hours after eating a full meal or drinking alcohol.

-Remember that it is normal for your breathing and heart rate to increase during sex and that these should return to normal shortly afterward. If you experience shortness of breath, chest pain and/or palpitations, stop, and rest."

👍It is very normal to feel concerned and nervous even scared to resume intimacy with your partner however, if you feel pain you should contact your physician.

👉Please note that some medication can cause Erectile Dysfunction and while that may be a normal side effect, some ED medications are not safe for survivors so again, share your concerns with your physician.

To read the article and others from IRAD, click here:

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