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It's Topic Tuesday!

Today is Topic Tuesday at Aortic Hope.

Let's chat about Migraines, specifically Ocular Migraines. In VeryWellHealth, Nancy LeBrun discusses in details information about Ocular Migraines in her article, "What is an Ocular Migraine?"

"An ocular migraine causes temporary changes in vision that may or may not be accompanied by a headache. Some experts use the term only for vision changes that are part of the “aura” that accompanies the onset of a migraine headache in some people. Other times it is used to refer to another type of vision disorder linked to migraines, called retinal migraines."

It is known that high blood pressure can cause ocular migraines but there are many different triggers such as:



-Sensitivity to food additives

-Hormonal changes

-Flashing or fluorescent lights

In the article, Nancy discusses the two types of Migraines:

~Migraine With Aura

In a migraine with aura, you may have blind spots and see zig-zag lines, stars, or flashing lights in one or both eyes. (pictures below are from medicine health)

Vision changes and visual disturbances are the primary symptom, but you may also find your speech or movement are affected.1 You may feel a tingling sensation on one side of your face, or it may travel down your body. These symptoms are short lived and have no lasting effects.

~Retinal Migraine

A retinal migraine affects only one eye and can occur before or during a headache. The symptoms, which can be more serious than those for a migraine with aura, may include temporary blindness or decreased vision.

If you experience a retinal migraine, it’s important to see an eye doctor, because, though rare, a retinal migraine can lead to permanent vision loss.

For detailed information about Ocular Migraines, click here.

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