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It's Topic Tuesday!

Today is Topic Tuesday at Aortic Hope.

Many of us may face a surgery at some point and just the mere thought of that can cause a degree of anxiety.

In NCBI, a published article by a medical team titled "What can relieve anxiety before surgery?", the team discusses that "It is totally normal to feel anxious before surgery. Even if operations can restore your health or even save lives, most people feel uncomfortable about 'going under the knife'. It is important to make sure that fears and anxiety don't become too overwhelming." 

The article continues to discuss:

-What the possible side effects of anxiety can be -What can be done to help relieve anxiety before surgery -How doctors and medical professionals can help -Can sedatives before surgery help with anxiety -What can you do if you smoke cigarettes

To check out the article, click here.

*Photo cred HCA Virginia

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