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It's Topic Tuesday.

Today is Topic Tuesday at Aortic Hope.

We want to spend some time today focusing on our caregivers.

Have you ever heard of the term "hidden casualties"? Well, it is often overlooked that our caregivers may be suffering from PTSD.

In Camino Recovery, David Scourfield writes in an article titled, "Why Family Caregivers Are Likely To Develop PTSD" that:

"Broadly, caregiving (particularly those in a family caregiver role) is one of the leading causes of PTSD."

"Although the psychological distress associated with taking care of a family member is very often understated – as a result, family caregivers are frequently overlooked by the healthcare profession and within familial communities."

"Still, the psychological distress that many family caregivers endure can be burdensome and often wreaks havoc on their emotional and physical well-being."

To learn more about the impacts is PTSD and ambiguous grief on our caregivers, check out the article here.

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