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It's Topic (Trivia?) Tuesday :)

Hey Family! I hope you are all doing well this beautiful Tuesday morning. It has been a long time since my last post and I am happy to be back. I see that over the past few weeks, Sam and Duc have been been reviewing a lot of great info about blood pressure medications. I think it might be helpful to do a trivia challenge to help recap all of these posts. 

Try your best to answer these questions without scrolling to previous posts! Answers will be posted tomorrow morning. 

  1. There was a class of anti-hypertensive drugs that worked by decreasing heart rate / contractility and also by reducing the release of renin from the kidneys. Do you remember their name? 

  2. Can you name a few side effects of diuretics? 

  3. What drug class does “Esmolol ” belong to? 

  4. What drug class does “Hydrochlorothiazide” belong to? 

  5. What drug class does “Lasix” belong to? 

  6. What is another name for Lasix? 

  7. Which type of diuretic (loop or thiazide) carries a small risk of hearing loss when administer in high doses? 

  8. True or False - Spirinolactone is a good choice diuretic in patients with low potassium?

  9. Which receptor (b1/b2) is “cardio-selective”?

  10. Which organs do diuretics work on to help decrease blood pressure? 

** Bonus - Which drug class (thiazide/ loop diuretics / b blockers) have been shown to help reduce mortality after heart attacks? 

Be sure to drop your answers down below before tomorrow at 9 AM! Thanks for joining us today.  Enjoy the weather and remember to always  #ThinkAorta!

Your friend,


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