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It's Therapeutic Thursday

Today we want to reference Chapter 8 - The Wonder of Music and Arts in Healthcare from Greater Than The Power and Strength of Emotional Grit by Jennifer Fernjack.

Haven't you noticed that whenever "We Will Rock You" is played people clap, stomp their feet and get motivated/energized or if "The Star Spangled Banner" performed by Whitney Houston is played, it can leave you with chills or maybe in tears. Why is this?

Jennifer points out in her book that music "has been shown to help people who have experienced trauma by calming feelings of anxiety, reducing the perception of pain, and improving mental health." She goes on to point out that "Studies show that art can have a positive effect on people as well, as it is clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and rates of depression by lowering the stress hormone cortisol. It can also lower blood pressure, elevate mood, and promote healing of both the body and mind. There's a new field of study called neuroaesthetics, which involves studying the neurobiological basis of the arts. Examples of forms that are studied include music, art, theatre, dance, and literature. Patients who are offered exposure to them can feel a greater sense of control in their circumstances through self-expression."

Who knew music and the arts could have such a positive and profound effective on our health and mental well-being.

To read more, click the picture and you will be able to order a copy of Jennifer's book.

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