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It's Therapeutic Thursday

Today is Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope.

❓Have you ever heard of or were you ever warned about the "Cardiac Blues"?

👉The Australian Centre for Heart Health explains Cardiac Blues as: "Having a heart attack, heart surgery or other cardiac event generally comes as a huge shock. Around 75% of people experience the ‘Cardiac Blues’ after a heart event, with unexpected changes in mood and emotions, including sadness and tearfulness, anger and irritability, worry and anxiety, confusion and forgetfulness, withdrawal from friends and family, and loss of interest in life, amongst other symptoms. Many people worry whether they will ever get back to normal."

😊Good news is that most people who experience cardiac blues find that the depression or symptoms of the blues resolve relatively quickly.

To find out if you might be at risk for the cardiac blues, check out the following article.

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