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It's Therapeutic Thursday!

Today is Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope.

In the article titled "What is Medical Trauma?" written by Theodora Blanchfield, AMFT from VeryWell Mind, it is discussed that:

"When you think of trauma, you probably either think of one-time events like a car accident, or ongoing trauma, such as childhood abuse. You might not be as familiar with medical trauma."

Most of our community members are familiar with PTSD, however Medical Trauma is a fairly new term.

"Medical trauma refers to a patient's psychological and physiological response to a negative or traumatic experience in a medical setting. The experience may involve illness, injury, pain, invasive or frightening procedures, and/or distressing or dismissive medical treatment."

There are particular symptoms, causes and treatment options for Medical Trauma. You may read more about this by clicking here.

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