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It's Therapeutic Thursday!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Today is Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope.

❓ Body Scan Meditation, ever heard of it? It might not be what you think.

👉 According to VeryWellMind, in an article written by Elizabeth Scott, PhD titled: "Body Scan Mediation, Release Tension With This Targeted Meditation Technique". Dr. Scott explains:

"Sometimes you can be so caught up in your stress that you don't realize that the physical discomfort you're experiencing—such as headaches, back and shoulder pain, and tense muscles—is connected to your emotional state.

Body scan meditation is a good way to release physical tension you might not even realize you're experiencing. Body scanning involves paying attention to parts of the body and bodily sensations in a gradual sequence from feet to head.

By mentally scanning yourself, you bring awareness to every single part of your body, noticing any aches, pains, tension, or general discomfort. The goal is not to relieve the pain completely, but to get to know and learn from it so you can better manage it."

The technique is simple and easy to do. To learn more about how to Body Scan Meditate, check out the article here.

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