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It's Therapeutic Thursday!

"Sunflowers 🌻 turn according to the position of the sun. In other words, they “chase the light.” ☀️ You might already know this, but there is another fact that you probably do not know!

☁️🌧 Have you ever wondered what happens on cloudy and rainy days when the sun is completely covered by clouds?

🤔 Perhaps you think the sunflower withers or turns its head towards the ground. Is this what crossed your mind?

❓ Well, guess what?

⭐️ They turn towards each other to share their energy.🌻✨🌻

Nature’s perfection is amazing. Now let’s apply this reflection to our lives. Many people may become low-spirited, and the most vulnerable ones, sometimes, become depressed. ☁️🌧

How about following the example of the beautiful sunflowers? 🌻Supporting and empowering each other. Nature has so much to teach us.

Wishing everyone a "Sunflower"🌻 trait of turning towards each other on their cloudy and gloomy days.

Spread will come back to you".. 🌻 ~credit blog by Bishop Mecado

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