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It's Therapeutic Thursday!

Today is Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope!

💆‍♀️You probably already know that massage is great if you want to soothe stress or ease lower back pain. But did you realize that massage can also be great for the health of your heart?

♥According to Very Well Health, in an article written by Cathy Wong titled "How Massage May Help Lower Blood Pressure", Cathy states that: "Some studies suggest that getting a massage may help calm the part of the nervous system responsible for involuntary responses to dangerous or stressful situations (sympathetic nervous system)".

Cathy goes on to say that "Although there has not been a lot of research on massage and blood pressure, some evidence shows that adding massage to your stress management routine could help you keep your blood pressure in check."

👉To learn more about the scientific studies around massage and their potential health benefits, check out the article here.

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