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It's Therapeutic Thursday.

Today is Therapeutic Thursday at Aortic Hope.

Many times we find so many community members posting on Facebook in the middle of the night asking about why they can't fall asleep.

Well, in Roxborough Memorial Hospital's article titled, "Why Do You Get Anxiety At Night?", It is explained that:

"When you lie down at night to unwind, your brain turns to all of the worries it didn’t have time for during the day. Frequently, this anxiety revolves around worries you can’t solve in the moment.

Chronic daytime stress puts your body into overdrive and taxes your hormones and adrenal system, which are directly linked to sleep — so sleep troubles may be a red flag telling you to address stress during your waking hours.

Nighttime anxiety can trigger a vicious cycle: A bad night’s sleep leads to exhaustion the next day and disrupts your body’s natural rhythms."

👉 To learn more about the symptoms of anxiety and variety of ways to try to alleviate night time anxiety, check out the article here. (photo cred Healthline

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