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It's Survivor Series Saturday!

We are very excited to feature survivor Daniel Hulse for our LIVE Survivor Series, Today, November 12th at 2:00pm EST on our YouTube channel:

❤ Daniel is from New England but presently living in San Marcos, CA. This collegiate athlete & coach, 2x Boston Marathon runner, Ironman Triathlete (2002 Ironman World Championship, Kona, HI) is also a father of 3 boys (ages 14, 12 &11) and an exercise pool distributor & online retailer.

Daniel's life is pretty busy and full of achievements however, his story of survival is nothing short of a miracle.

👉 He will be sharing with you his incredible story of surviving being misdiagnosed twice as well as some advice for newly diagnosed patients and survivors. He will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

⭐ Be the shining star in someone's life by submitting your story of survival or caring for someone with Aortic disease.

❤️ We really want to know about the symptoms that were experienced and the process of diagnosis.

We will be sharing your video or blog with Think Aorta US and use it as a tool to show Emergency Room Physicians and First Responders why it is so important to Think about the Aorta.

If you would be interested in sharing your story, complete this form.

The Aortic Hope Survivor Video and Blog Series form allows Aortic Hope to collect basic information for Survivor Series video and blog participants. This information will not be shared with anyone except the Aortic Hope administrative members. Videos and blogs submitted to Aortic Hope are used solely for the purpose of sharing with others; no monetary payment will be made.

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