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It's Survivor Series Night featuring Bill Barnhart for Marfan Syndrome Awareness

Come join us for a LIVE Survivor Series with community member and board member, Bill Barnhart on Thursday, February 23rd at 7pm EST.

Bill has been a member of Aortic Hope since the inception, having been the original member representing the Connective Tissue Disorder community.

Bill is always ready to share his story and perspective after suffering 2 dissections and 4 aneurysms. Just don't ask about tax day ๐Ÿ˜Š Bill is the only person we know who celebrates 3 (yep, 3) Aortaversaries on April 15th!!!

When not working with Aortic Hope, Bill is a long time professional in the Wine and Spirit industry. His passions include classic cars (Mustangs), cooking, and spending time with his wonderful children.

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