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It's Share With You Sunday!

Today is Share With You Sunday at Aortic Hope.

As the article "30 Tips for Coping with Chronic Illness During the Holiday Season" written by Charlotte Hilton Andersen in says:

"You want it to be the most wonderful time of the year, but fatigue. And pain. And brain fog. These stress-soothing tips can help you have a healthier and happier holiday season in spite of chronic illness."

Here are the 30 tips but to review them in detail, click here.

1. Make cooking assignments

2. Set a hard end time

3. Meditate on what you're thankful for

4. Plan a recovery day into your schedule

5. Drive two cars to holiday parties

6. Turn your bedroom into an escape room

7. Keep to your regular sleep schedule

8. Do what you love to do

9. Practice saying no (and meaning it)

10. Prep a much as you can

11. Get good power naps

12. Invest in an instant pot

13. Toast the New Year with sparkling cider

14. Practice Safety precautions

15. Give a gift to charity

16. Two words: disposable everything

17. Come up with a code word

18. Get your meds pre-authorized

19. Write thank you cards for your doctors and nurses

20. Create flexibility in your work schedule

21. Check out local disability services

22. Make a playlist of your favorite holiday tunes

23. Order groceries and presents online

24. Buy special scissors and tape

25. Or stick to gift bags

26. Don't be afraid to make new traditions

27. Pay the neighbor kid to shovel the porch

28. Call ahead to restaurants and venues

29. Do some mall walking

30. Forgive loved ones for not being there when you need them

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