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It's Share With You Sunday!

It's Share With You Sunday at Aortic Hope.

❤️ Amazon Smile might be gone but your ability to help raise funds for Aortic Hope through shopping with Amazon hasn't!

👉 Aortic Hope is now part of their Affiliate Program which means that for certain items, if you purchase them on Amazon using a link Aortic Hope provides, we earn money🎉

💲 To begin, we have listed some OMRON blood pressure cuffs, which are top-rated on, pulse oximeters and pill cases under our Hope Shop and Resources tabs on our website. Overtime, we will be adding items that members in the community have found helpful during the recovery and management of Aortic Disease.

👉 We will NEVER include OTC medications (ie: low-dose aspirin) or supplements (typically non-FDA approved).

*If there is a specific product that you purchase routinely or wish to purchase using a link so Amazon can contribute money to Aortic Hope, you may email us a link to the item and we will respond with a special affiliate link you can use to purchase your item. ❤️

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