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It's Share With You Sunday

Today is Share With Us Sunday at Aortic Hope!

❤Aortic Hope runs completely on donations and 100% of those donations are used towards our initiatives within the community.

🙂If you have ever thought about raising money for Aortic Hope, an easy way you can help is to host a Facebook or Instagram Fundraiser!

🥳When in Facebook, you go to create a post, simply click Raise Money and type in Aortic Hope as the charity. You can use the information that will populate about Aortic Hope or edit and make it your own, tell your story of why raising money for Aortic Hope is so important to you. If in Instagram, simply add your photo and when you type in your caption (text), click on Add Fundraiser then choose Aortic Hope.

🎁If you raise money for us, let us know! We would love to send you a small token of our appreciation!

🎂You can host a fundraiser for your birthday, aortaversary or anything!

❤Let's keep Connecting Hearts...One Beat At A Time TOGETHER!

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