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It's Share With You Saturday!

Today is Share With You Saturday at Aortic Hope!

We have two great events happening next week!

Check out our Beach Blanket BINGO event!

Aortic Hope wants to help everyone take a break from Aortic's time to have a little fun and win some prizes!

Registration is FREE and this will be in a closed Teams platform. Once we receive your registration form, we will email you a free bingo card prior to the event, that you will need to print off. WE WILL USE THE ONE CARD FOR EVERY ROUND.

*You MUST register even if you have registered and played before. Feel free to share this with whomever you think might want to play.

Registration closes 6pm EST on the 18th.

*To register, click this link.

There will be 10 games: 5 regular, 3 specials, 1 full card and 1 biggest loser.

You must participate with video and sound on. We will start promptly at 7pm.

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