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It's Scientific Sunday!

Today is Scientific Sunday at Aortic Hope.

The John Ritter Research Program for Aortic and Vascular Health explains Genetics 101 and the risk factors for Aortic Disease:

Genetics 101

Genes are the basic physical and functional units of heredity. Genes are made up of DNA and act as instructions for our body to grow and develop properly. The Human Genome Project has estimated that humans have between 20,000-25,000 genes. Genes are stored in packages called chromosomes.

Genetic Syndromes

Genetic syndromes are genetic diseases that affect more than one system, and some of these syndromes increase the risk for thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection. Disorders that confer this increased risk for TAAD include:

-Marfan Syndrome

-Loeys-Dietz Syndrome

-Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

-Turner Syndrome

For additional information, please click HERE.

If you would be interested in learning more about how to participate in their research program and have your sample tested for a genetic marker, click HERE.

***If you should decide to not participate in a research program or have genetic testing, advocate for yourself and your family and make sure that they are monitored and treated as if a genetic condition is known. The same monitoring should take place whether a gene has been determined or not as most individuals with aortic disease have no known genetic mutation.

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