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It's Movement for Movement Monday

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Today is Movement for Movement Monday!

As we all know, doing nothing is doing something however, many of us need some support to simply get moving (whatever that may be for you).

Following your doctor's orders, do whatever he/she has cleared you to do. While recovering from open heart surgery, you may find it a little difficult to "move" and that's normal.

According to Lauren Hellicar from Medical News Today in the article titled Sternum Healing after Open Heart Surgery, "After surgery, the surgeon will use strong wire to hold the cut bones together, allowing new cells to grow. Over the course of months, the bones fuse back together."

While you may want to resume your normal exercise routine, please note that your body will be fatigued, sore and you may need to take it a little easier on yourself.

"During the first 3 months after open heart surgery, it is safe to do easy chores around the house and yard, such as:

washing dishes folding clothes pruning flowers

Social activities, such as going to the movies and restaurants, are also safe as long as they do not involve a lot of physical effort.

A person should aim to do some walking every day. Start with a short distance and try to walk up, little by little. Walking supports blood circulation and helps to reduce the risk of pneumonia and constipation" says Hellicar.

Please discuss all physical activity and potential limitations with your doctor. Aortic Hope shares articles for informational purposes and not to ever replace your personal medical recommendations.

Use this article as a tool to start a conversation with your physician.

Check out the article here.

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