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It's Movement for Movement Monday!

Today is Movement for Movement Monday at Aortic Hope!

❤️As we all know, doing nothing is doing something however, many of us need some support to simply get moving (whatever that may be for you)

🛑 Whatever you are doing right now as you read this, stop, and at least stretch. Takes a quick walk around your house or to your mailbox and back. It's time to do something, anything...just MOVE!

👉 In Precor, Bryden McGrath's article titled "How to Stay Fit During Thanksgiving" Bryden shares a few tips on how to stay fit:

"~Prepare for the day with a morning walk or run

~Stick with water

~Take part in the annual backyard football game

~Watch what you eat...

~...But enjoy your favorite foods and desserts"

To read about each of these tips in greater detail, click here.

👩‍⚕️Following your doctor's orders, do whatever he/she has cleared you to do. It's okay to enjoy the holidays just don't forget to get up and MOVE!

✔️ Fear can hold us back, fear that an aneurysm will grow if we move too much, fear we will get too tired, fear we can get hurt. It's time to work through the fear. We CAN do this together!

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