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It's Mended Hearts Monday!

Today is Mended Hearts Monday at Aortic Hope!

Aortic Hope and Mended Hearts are proud to announce the continuation of their exciting collaboration to increase and enhance support for patients with diseases of the aorta and for their caregivers and families! Through this collaboration, Aortic Hope and Mended Hearts will provide hope and support to patients with aortic disease throughout their journey, along with educational resources to keep them well-informed when making healthcare decisions.

Mended Hearts is the largest cardiovascular peer-to-peer support organization in the United States. Their volunteers make over 230,000 visits to patients and caregivers annually in the hospital setting, reaching many more online and in local communities.

Mended Hearts volunteers inspire, educate and provide hope to hundreds of thousands of patients and family members each year. Mended Hearts has a robust network of patients and caregivers that provide services and outreach in 300 hospitals nationwide and in communities. Mended Hearts’ ability to reach patients and to provide peer-to-peer support is the reason their organization is so successful! Patients who have had similar experiences are able to use their experience to guide new patients and help them find the information and resources they need.

Click HERE for information on how to Join Mended Hearts for FREE!

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