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It's Medical Monday

Today is Medical Monday with Aortic Hope!

🥵 As the weather is warming up, if it is a very hot day, you may experience water retention. This can be especially true if you have been active in hot weather and your fluid intake has been low.

💧While it may seem like a paradox, drinking more water will help you get rid of the extra fluid.

💓 Fluid retention is often caused by the increase of blood pressure on the veins which adds to the pressure on the capillaries.

👉 From an article in, "Fluid overload means that your body has too much water. The extra fluid in your body can raise your blood pressure and force your heart to work harder. It can also make it hard for you to breathe.

💦 Most of your body is made up of water. The body uses minerals like sodium and potassium to help organs such as your heart, kidneys, and liver balance how much water you need. For example, the heart pumps blood to move water around the body. And the kidneys work to get rid of the water that the body doesn't need.

❣️Health conditions like kidney disease, heart failure, and cirrhosis can cause fluid overload.

⚕️Other things can cause extra fluid to build up. IV fluids, some medicines, too much salt (sodium) from food, and certain medical treatments can sometimes cause this fluid increase."

Check out this article about fluid overload and what you can do about it by clicking here.

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