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It's Feel Good Friday and Women In History Month!

Today is Feel Good Friday and in honor of Women in History Month, we want to share with you women who have made huge contributions in the medical field.

First up is Dr. Nina Starr Braunwald, the first female cardiac surgeon.

In an article from the Texas Heart Institute titled, Nina Braunwald: A Female Pioneer In Cardiac Surgery, we learn that "Nina Starr Braunwald, the first female cardiac surgeon, made headlines during a time when almost all specialty surgeons were men.

Women have typically been deterred from entering surgical specialties, in part because of their traditional dual burden of managing their households and careers. Instead, female medical students and junior doctors have tended to be more attracted to medical specialties. This was the reality during Dr. Braunwald's venture into medicine in 1949. However, she never allowed negative ideas to keep her from joining a surgical training program."

For more information about Dr. Braunwald check out this link.

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