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It's Feel Good Friday

Today is Feel Good Friday at Aortic Hope.

We often say that the aortic disease community have emotions that move like the tides. Some days are really, really good and others, maybe not so much.

Today, we want to help those that may be struggling a bit with the idea of "feeling good". In VeryWell, Kendra Cherry, MSEd writes in the article How to Make Yourself Feel Better Mentally that "Everyone has times when they don’t feel their best. Whether you are struggling with a low mood, anxiety, stress, or just a lack of motivation, it’s tough to feel good when you’re not quite at 100%. This can leave you wondering how to feel better mentally."

Here is a list of things that might help you get back on tract to feeling better!

Simple Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better Fast:

-Bake cookies


-Do yoga

-Eat a healthy, delicious meal

-Make a playlist of your favorite songs


-Play with your dog

-Practice a hobby

-Read a book

-Take a relaxing hot bath

-Watch a funny online video

-Watch your favorite movie or tv show

-Write in a gratitude journal

Check out the article for additional ideas:.

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