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It's Feel Good Friday

Today is Feel Good Friday at Aortic Hope.

❓Did You Know... Hope Mail started with just 4 people who received hand knitted heart pillows... Now, we have over 300 Survivors/Caregivers receiving a once a year small carepackage from Aortic Hope as a way to acknowledge your Aortaversary and to say THANK YOU for your support.

👉Whatever is on your To Do List today, we want you to consider adding one more thing... Signing up for Hope Mail!

😊Hope Mail is FREE and meant to help you feel great! After you sign up, you will receive, once a year, a small token of our appreciation and acknowledgement during the month of your Aortaversary (anniversary date of your OHS, repair for Dissection/ Aneurysm, or even date of diagnosis but you can only pick one date!)

❤️Please sign up by clicking here.

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